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            IndustryCan do I am outBoutique

            Established in 2004, Shanghai Bishi Special Door & Window Co., Ltd. has become a green building energy-saving product platform, exporting green building energy-saving technology, products, construction, services and overall solutions. At the same time, Bictech is regarded as “industrial decoration”. The promoters have been focusing on the latest technologies for research and development of indoor energy-saving decoration, as well as high-compartment material production technology. Currently, they have obtained more than 10 patented technologies including inventions.

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            TimeProduct train

            Follow the market trend and be favored by consumers

            service Process

            Do every step of the way, just want to make you feel comfortable
            • Advisory
            • Demand
            • Measuring
            • Design
            • Quote
            • Contract
            • Construction
            • Acceptance
            • Report
            • Service

            Go ahead Exceptional

            Be your own product, love others

            Sanhua Group Conference Hall

            The finished high compartment system fully meets t

            Sanhua Group Conference Hall

            Sanhua Group Conference Hall


            A little every day Take you to the industry to get rich information

            Contact: Zheng Manager

            Contact: 17917574863

            Tel: 021-64621998

            Fax: 021-39878255

            Website: www.yuxell.com

            Huaxin Address: No. 20-22, Section 8, Section 8, Huateng Road, Qingpu, Shanghai

            Re-solid address: No.1-8, Section B, No.9, Jianshe Road, Qinggu, Qingpu, Shanghai

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